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How to Start an Online Business for Under Two Dollars a Day

Would you like to join the millions of us that get to enjoy working from home online whenever we want? In this post I am going to tell you how to start an online business for roughly $1.65 USD per day and this business can be about anything you want. It will not cost you more, and there are even ways that it will cost you less.

Who Can Do This?

You do not have to be technically inclined to succeed at this, and many who are successful know very little about computers. You also do not have to live in any particular country or be a certain age or gender. Anyone everywhere can do this, as long as you have internet access, time to learn and grow your business, and a desire to succeed.

All types of people can be successful with Wealthy Affiliate training
It does not matter where you live. If you have internet access, you can do this.

There is no other opportunity like this anywhere online or in the real world. How can I make that claim? Because I have never found one as complete and inexpensive in all of my 20+ years of searching, than the opportunity I am sharing here. The core reason why this works so well is that everything needed for your success is in one place.

Plus with a price tag that comes out to no more than $1.65 USD per day, well that is truly AMAZING. How much does it cost you for that morning cup of coffee? I know if you buy a large cup of coffee at a place like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, you will be paying far more money. Which is a better investment to your financial future?

So What am I Offering?

The opportunity I am inviting you to is the same one I started a little more than 7 years ago. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme, which the majority of these schemes are scams. What I am offering is a legitimate opportunity for you to learn the proper way to start your own internet business in whatever niche market you choose.

Do you want to create a business around your interest in Star Wars, sports, health or whatever? You can easily turn that into some extra or full time passive income from home and NEVER have to sell a single item, nor deal directly with your customers. How is this possible? By becoming part of the $12,000,000,000.00+ per year affiliate marketing industry.

To learn the easy free process of becoming an affiliate marketer, read the previous post on this website. It will explain how you can take any hobby, interest or passion you have and make money by promoting associated products being sold elsewhere online. It is these companies, like Amazon, Best Buy, Apple and more, that will pay you.

What Does $1.65 a Day Give You?

Simply put…Everything you need for success, except your own determination and patience for achieving that success. The reason why many people fail to make money in their own internet business is because they think wealth comes quickly and without effort. If you don’t first learn how to start properly and how to use Google to gain traffic, you will fail.

But when I say that for $1.65 per day you will get everything you need, what does that really mean? Here is what you get for that amazingly low daily price. CURRENT UP TO DATE TRAINING. The most important aspect of building and operating a successful online business is the training to get it started the correct way. Below are the 5 courses you have access to.


First 10 lessons at Wealthy Affiliate, which are actually free



Second 10 lessons at Wealthy Affiliate, which is a paid premium level



Third 10 lessons at Wealthy Affiliate, which is a paid premium level



Fourth 10 lessons at Wealthy Affiliate, which is a paid premium level



Fifth 10 lessons at Wealthy Affiliate, which is a paid premium level

You Also Get the Following for $1.65 a Day

The above images show you all of the training lessons within the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. As you can see, you get all the information you need to create an internet business in whatever niche you decide. By the time you get to the last lesson, your affiliate niche website business will already be up and running.

But it doesn’t stop there. You also get the following for the same low price of $1.65 USD per day.

  • An additional 7 courses / 70 Lessons into other forms of internet marketing such as PPC, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, and Google Adwords
  • Access to a Live Webinar Classroom every Friday night at 5 PM Western U.S. Time Zone
  • After 3 month you will have the ability to create your own online training within the community and earn recurring credits that can be cashed out for money
  • 24/7 Community help and support via a Live Chat, Private Messages and Community Forum
  • Direct contact with the owners and other established affiliate marketers within the 1,000,000+ active members from around the world
  • Unlimited use of a free and easy to operate Keyword Research Tool
  • Access to the SiteRubix WordPress website builder which builds/programs your websites for you, see video of how it works here

And if that is not enough for the low price of $1.65 per day, take a look at all of the other technical perks you will get within this training and internet business building platform in the image below.

What every $49 premium member of WA gets with their hosting package

You Can Even Get All of This for Less Money per Day

At the very beginning of this post I said that I would explain how to start an online business for roughly $1.65 USD per day and that there are even ways that it will cost you less. YES! This is one of the many reasons why this training and internet marketing business building platform is SO POPULAR with all of its members worldwide.

Not only can you start this amazing, go-at-your-own-speed training program for absolutely free, the first 10 lessons can be taken for FREE, but when you do have to pay you can decide to pay $49.00 USD for training and $1.17 USD for a domain name per month or $495.00 USD per year. The cost with the yearly plan plus the domain comes out to roughly $1.39 USD per day.

$49.00 per month for everything listed above except domain name
$1.17 per month for domain name (per website)
This comes out to $50.17 per month or $602.04 for an entire year. Divide that by 365 days within a year and you get roughly $1.65 per day.

$495.00 per year for everything listed above except domain name
$13.99 per year for domain name (per website)
This comes out to $508.99 for an entire year. Divide that by 365 days within a year and you get roughly $1.39 per day.

Shocked woman at the low cost best affiliate marketing program for beginners
A low cost best affiliate marketing training course for beginners

Are You Ready to Join This AMAZINGLY Low Price Opportunity?

I do not mean to get religious here, but I thank God daily for leading me here to find this amazing online business training opportunity. Now I have three affiliate marketing niche websites earning me money and a fourth one currently being built in a new and popular niche market. It really is fun learning all of this stuff and seeing it pay off.

So where is this amazing opportunity that you can be a part of for less than two dollars per day? The name of the place is Wealthy Affiliate University, also known as just Wealthy Affiliate or WA for short. They have been helping more than a million members all over the world to become their own online entrepreneurs in whatever niche they desire since 2005.

Not only do I make money in three different niches, the health & wellness niche, the make money from home niche, and the video game niche, but I also earn money by creating additional training within Wealthy Affiliate as one of their Ambassadors, which any member can achieve as well. So why not join me at WA and I will personally help you get started.

How to Join for FREE and Get My Support

You can join WA for free from my WA profile page at the link above or at this Join For FREE Link. NO credit card information is needed, only your name and email address. And no, your email address will not be shared or spammed with offers. This is truly the best and least expensive way to start a legitimate online job from home.

I highly recommend you scroll the screen down after clicking the Join For FREE Link above to read how the 4-step process works for making money, before signing up to be a Free Member of WA. The process is quite simple and seeing how you can choose whatever niche you want and do all of this from the comfort of your home, you will have fun making money.

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