How to Start an Online Business for Free

How to Start an Online Business for Free – It is Easy

Learning how to start an online business for free is not as hard as most people think. The only obstacle to becoming a successful work from home business owner is YOU. With the many online scams available to people, that project the false narrative that you can become financially free quickly and easily with their system, they undermine the truth that online success takes time.

Success Only Comes After Consistent Work

The only way every person who experience success in an online marketing business while working from anywhere, is to learn and then work towards success. In addition a person needs to have patience and determination to move forward. A solid work ethic is what you will need to carry you through to success. However you need to start with great education and resources.

How to Start an Online Business for Free
Wealthy Affiliate Home Page Free Membership Sign Up

In the image above, you see the home screen of the #1 online business building community that will provide you with the most complete education and resources for your success. Absolutely everything you need, except your own patience and determination, for achieving success is all available at Wealthy Affiliate for a starting price of $0.00, yes, ZERO dollars!

How to Join the Free Online Marketing Business Training Community

Below and at the bottom of this page there will be links for you to join this free training program that will give you everything you need. However I highly suggest that you read and view the images below that will describe what you can expect once you do click on the link(s). I want to make sure you know up front of the quality you will be given for free.

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When you arrive on the Wealthy Affiliate home page you will see the sign up form asking you for name, email address, and to create a username and password. You will not need to provide any other information to get started. Like this post is titled, you can start for free! With the exception of the 7 countries listed on my blog post here, everyone all over the world in all other countries can join for free.

DO NOT yet fill out your information, but rather scroll the screen down and read the 4-Step Process of how the Wealthy Affiliate training will help you to start making money online from home. In the images below you will see the four-step process. These are the same screens you will see after scrolling down the Wealthy Affiliate home page.

Wealthy Affiliate Step 1
Choose an interest for what your online business will be about

Wealthy Affiliate Step 2
Building a website at Wealthy Affiliate requires NO programming by you

Wealthy Affiliate Step 3
Attracting visitors to your website is done through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which you will learn

Wealthy Affiliate Step 4
You will earn money every month from the various companies you decide to become free affiliates with

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Build Your Website in 30 Seconds!

In reading step 2 you probably said to yourself, am I going to need to learn how to program a website? The answer is NO you will not. The Site Rubix website builder at Wealthy Affiliate will program it for you and do so in a matter of seconds. I have a 3 minute video on the home page of this website showing you the process, which is also described in the images below.

How to Start an Online Business for Free
Choose a Free Website and then a Domain Name for your website

In STEP 1 of building your free WordPress website, after you click on “A Free Website” you will choose a domain name. In my example I chose the domain name of “my home based business” (all as one word), see above. If the name is available it will say so, if not it will say “Taken.”

How to Start an Online Business for Free
You will want to name your website the same as your domain name but grammatically correct

In STEP 2 I name my website which will appear at the top of my new website in a grammatically correct fashion. Similar to this website where it says Free WordPress Website Builder above. Generally the name of your website is the same as your domain name.

How to Start an Online Business for Free
Choose a theme (a look) in step 3 and then in step 4 click blue button to program your website

In STEPS 3 & 4 I will get to select a theme for my website. As a free starter member you will have a choice from 12 different themes. A theme is the style or look of what your website will look like once you add content and pictures.

In Step 3 you choose the theme by clicking on it. In Step 4 you click the blue button at the bottom that says, “I’m Ready! Build My Website Now!” and then the website will be programmed, hosted, and live on the internet. Then the Wealthy Affiliate training will guide you step by step through the process of building your new online business.

Can I Really Start for Free?

Yes, if you do not live in the 7 restricted countries listed on my other blog post, you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free, no credit card or experience required! You will get up to 20 of the 120 available lessons, a programmed website, and 30 keyword searches for FREE! There is a paid membership that includes everything and that is only $49.00 per month. The image below shows what you get.

You will not find another opportunity like this anywhere else online for such a low price. All of the online scams that promise you great wealth will always charge you money just to start. Even though they offer a money back guarantee, they do not give you enough time to experience any progression towards starting your business.

At Wealthy Affiliate you can accomplish much as a Free Member. They know that the education and resources they offer you, both free and paid, WILL bring about success, as long as you work hard, have patience and determination to become successful. All of the successful online entrepreneurs (Bezos, Gates, Zuckerberg,…) took about 2 years before they tasted success. Now you can too!