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Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

You may have seen the name of the very popular online affiliate marketing opportunity known as Wealthy Affiliate (WA), also known as Wealthy Affiliate University, and for a good reason. There are so many positive reviews of WA on Google and very few negative ones.

That is because this 15 year company is more than just a make money from home opportunity, it is an online education and business building community of members from around the world. You are not given a system for success but rather an education and resources needed for true success.

So Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

YES! But only if you learn the proper way an online business is meant to be built from scratch and you work hard to apply the knowledge you get from the world class training. Do not be afraid to learn the ropes. No one has ever become successful at anything without learning how.

The training and tools provided by WA are SUPER EASY to follow and learn. The reason for this is because the training is designed for the complete beginner, and it is structured into small bite-sized task based lessons that you can learn at your own speed.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work

Though I have been a very happy member for a little more than seven years and have experienced many forms of success from the training at WA, you really should hear from the other members of this successful online community of affiliate marketing entrepreneurs. Click any of the links to the success stories below.

What Other Members are Saying About the Wealthy Affiliate Training & Success

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The Training at Wealthy Affiliate Works if YOU Just Follow and Apply

The reason so many people are experiencing success at Wealthy Affiliate is because the training you receive is a time-tested and proven approach to success. All of the “real and free” online affiliate marketing programs out there will pay their marketers every month who follow the simple process of earning commissions.

Whether it is Amazon, Target, Foot Locker, Gamestop, Coca-Cola, Nike, Walmart, Starbucks Coffee, Apple, Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Expedia, and thousands more both large and small, all of these companies are looking to pay people to write about and promote their products. This is what WA will teach you how to do.

Online affiliate marketing with these real companies DOES NOT require you to ever leave your home or recruit anyone to make money. Plus it is always FREE to become an affiliate marketer. The Wealthy Affiliate training will guide you step-by-step and at your own speed, to your successful goals with your own unique online business.

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You Will Not Go Through the WA Training Alone

Not only does Wealthy Affiliate have the absolute best training, but they have the most helpful community of successful internet marketers who are more than happy to help you to succeed just as they have. Unlike other so-called work from home programs, WA is more about helping and sharing than it is about making money from you.

The owners have and promote other members to have a “Pay it Forward” attitude. When you help others to succeed, you too will experience it within your own business. Affiliate marketing websites are about helping people to understand the quality of various kind of products. Once you have helped people, they are more than likely to buy from you.

When you go through the WA training and have a question, you have several ways to get answers. The majority of time you will get more than a few answers within 10 minutes of asking and even within a minute when asking it on the 24/7 live chat forum. The only way anyone will fail at WA is if they do not ask questions and they quit.

Why Wealthy Affiliate Works

Where Will YOU Get Another Free Opportunity to Start an Online Business?

Nowhere but Wealthy Affiliate. I challenge you to prove me wrong. Join WA as a free member, take the first 10 lessons, learn the basics of keyword research and search engine optimization (SEO), build your website, and learn how to make money with it. Do ALL of this for free and then decide does Wealthy Affiliate work?

Below is a blog I wrote that shows how I was able to make my Premium paid membership to WA become free for me. I took the knowledge I gained at Wealthy Affiliate and found a company on Craigslist that was looking for someone to write product descriptions using keywords and SEO. I was able to make $231.00 in 17 days for part-time work. You can too, just join WA.

How to Pay for Your Wealthy Affiliate Membership

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