How to Turn Your Passion Into a Profitable Online Business

What are you interested in or passionate about? We all have something we could talk endlessly about, and with the proper training you can make money from this too. In this post I will explain how you too can do what hundreds of thousands of others do everyday.

Millions of Ideas and Billions of Potential Customers

There truly are millions of ideas you can come up with to make your unique internet business about. Because of this fact, being able to make large amounts of money from home with very little monetary investment is very much a reality. The truth is that it does not take more than $50.17 per month to build and run an online business.

In all of my years since the mid 1990s, trying multiple online programs to make steady money on the internet, I was never able to find an opportunity that was easy and inexpensive to start and maintain. What I found were countless programs that claimed great wealth if you followed their formula, but also paid them more money.

These all turned out to be either ineffective programs or in some cases online scams. But then when I discovered what is online affiliate marketing, and how the majority of internet retail companies like those in the picture below partake in it, I was hooked at how much fun it is to earn money in this way.

retail companies with affiliate marketing programs
Some of the thousands of companies that have affiliate marketing programs

Let me give you an example

I personally am passionate about the power and effectiveness of natural medicine. Not only have I avoided getting the flu without a flu shot for 30+ years, but I was also totally healed of cancer in 2000 using an all natural treatment that anyone can get online and at the grocery store.

Naturally I am very passionate about this because most people are blinded to the fact that natural medicine really works. So I created a website to share my knowledge and other medical and clinical proof from various doctors and researchers to back up what I was sharing.

I then became what is known as an affiliate, or partner, of companies that sold the products that I used. In this case one of the companies was Amazon. It is absolutely free to be an affiliate. After becoming an affiliate, Amazon gave me access to all sorts of advertisements and links to their products.

I would then blog about my passion for natural medicine and place these free advertisement links within my blog where relevant. If the blog was about how 5000 IU of vitamin D3 per day will protect you from getting the flu, I would then place an Amazon affiliate link ad for vitamin D3 within the content.

online affiliate programs

How to Get Paid in Affiliate Marketing

Here is the process in a nutshell of how anyone can get paid operating an affiliate marketing website. Using my example above about how vitamin D3 is the best natural flu shot, I write up a blog explaining about the benefits of this vitamin, providing facts and resources. I then publish this on my website.

Then someone goes on Google looking for information on how to naturally avoid getting the flu. They find my blog about vitamin D3. They read the information I provide and like what I have to say, because many people will believe a review from a real person over that of the company selling the product.

My information convinces them to buy some vitamin D3 and they see the Amazon affiliate link ad I have for that vitamin within the content. They click on the link, are sent to the Amazon website shopping cart, they make the purchase, Amazon ships them the vitamins, and Amazon pays me a commission.

It is Fun to Make Money While You Sleep

Being able to earn monthly income online by promoting any kind of passion, interest or hobby that you may have, is by far a more fun and profitable endeavor than many other work from home online opportunities. With affiliate marketing you get to choose what kind of products to promote.

That is one of the unique benefits I like about this kind of marketing. The other benefits worth mentioning are that it is free to be an affiliate, you can join as many affiliate programs as you wish, you do not have to buy or sell the products you promote, and you can make money even while you sleep.

make money while you sleep
In Affiliate Marketing you can make money even while you sleep.

Unlike other forms of internet marketing the above benefits are mainly unique to affiliate marketing. And when it comes to people who are just starting out, it is the easiest to get up and running because you do not have to meet any of your customers.

Even the Affiliate Marketing Training is Easy

Like I said at the beginning of this post, it is very much possible to build and run an online affiliate marketing website business for no more than $50.17. This price even includes all of the training, resources and support you will need.

Now there are several online training courses in affiliate marketing, but only one that I know of that will give you everything for only $49.00 per month. This online training is specifically designed for the complete beginner and they even give you the first 10 lessons for FREE. The extra $1.17 is for your website domain name cost per month.

There are no hidden upsells like many other training programs have. There are only two prices = Start first 10 Lessons for Free and the remaining 40 Lessons for only $49 per month. This amazing training program, which I myself took, is called Wealthy Affiliate.

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Get Your Website Running Without Programming

I HIGHLY recommend this training because it requires no experience and no credit card to get started and to get a WordPress website built and live on the internet. Wealthy Affiliate has the only free website builder that will program and host your website for you in less than a minute.


The owners of Wealthy Affiliate have made the entire learning, building and running of your affiliate marketing website business as easy as possible. With over 1,000,000 active members from all over the world and in all age groups, starting your own online business has never been so easy.

You will have fun learning and building your uniquely own website business. Learning how to turn your passion into a profitable online business has never been easier as a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I joined back in August 2013 and was making money within a year. Come join me at WA and I will be glad to help you get started.